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Development history

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2012-2013- we are preparing the ground based equipment, recruitment and training, the introduction of personnel;

2013.06- we registered formally established the heavy celebrations all the machinery manufacturing co., LTD., specializing in fixture manufacturing, non-standard parts and spare parts, etc.
2013.07- develop business, we have the world 500 strong business opportunities;
2013.11We introduce a CNC lathe;
2014.03- we improve the management and development, set up welding factory.The specialty is engaged in the tray, logistics and line side rack and so on;
2014.07According to market demand, improve the machining accuracy.We introduce a CNC CNC machining center;
2014.12- we introduce three coordinates measuring instrument.
2015.04 - until now- we are adding new team members, training team to make high precision industrial fixture;


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